Especialista en sistemas de navegaciĆ³n

Tideland Signal Corporation is a US Company which delivers world leading aids to navigation solutions, products, services and customer care. They have more than six decades of innovation aimed to enhance the performance of traditional AtoN products while bridging the link in conceiving, developing and manufacturing digital aids to navigation. In addition, their quality is backed by ISO-9001-2008 certification.
With headquarters located in Houston, Tx, they can provide all their wide range of products and services in their offices in Lafayette, Louisiana, Vancouver, Canada, Burgess Hill, United Kingdom, Dubai, Arab Emirates and Singapur or with any of their representatives in the five continents.


Some of their products are:

  1. Marine Lanterns
  2. Safe water Buoys
  3. Channel markers
  4. Racon
  5. AIS for AtoN
  6. Fog Signals
  7. Monitoring and Control Systems
  8. Signaling for Wind farms
  9. Stand-alone power Systems
  10. Helideck lighting Systems


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